Crew 113 was built with a desire on forging metal and backpacking.

Venture Scouts

Venture Scouts are a denomination of Scouts BSA which is based on having fun rather than gaining ranks and merit badges. Crews also have the age minimum set at 14 and can participate until 21 years of age. Boys and girls are welcome.

Crew 113

Crew 113 is based out of Tomball Texas. Our crew wants a strong emphasis in the art of forging metal but also in keeping our wilderness spirit by going on campouts at least twice a year.

Social Media

Venture Crew 113 has Facebook and Twitter. We also have a contact form at the bottom of the page for more info on the crew.

Tomball, T 773

We are based out of a small school house behind Salem Lutheran church in Tomball Texas. The school house belongs to troop 113 which has used it for over 80 years.

Contact Us

Members Only. Please follow link to reports.

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